Company Helps Pet Owners Overcome Their Grief

Happy Pets, Happy People

For those of you that have lost a pet OR are just really dreading the day you do, this story is for YOU! Read how this company is working to help you through those sad days to come.

Losing a pet is an emotional heartbreak and for many too much to bear. These furry friends are family and saying goodbye is difficult. Or maybe you want a ‘twin’ for your pet to cuddle with today. Regardless of your desire, Cuddle Clones can meet your need.

Jennifer Graham, founder of Cuddle Clones, was inspired to start the company after losing her beloved Great Dane, Rufus. She explains on the website that she wanted to honor Rufus by not only providing pet lovers with an adorable product, but also by giving back to the pet community.

And while nothing could ever really replace the little guys in our lives, this company offers the next best thing. Cuddle Clones produce snuggly stuffed animal versions of your favorite four-legged friends with incredible and uncanny accuracy.

*Plus, the Cuddle Clones organization generously donates a portion of every sale to pet-related charities.

WATCH Andy Cohen introduce his dog, Wacha, to his Cuddle Clone!

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