Zach Williams’ Music Video Encourages Us To Overcome Fear

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Zach Williams wrote such an encouraging song to help people overcome fear. The music video goes perfectly with the song and it helps illustrate an example of what may bring fear into peoples lives.

The message in Zach Williams' song is that fear is a liar and love is what casts it away. He uses three key individuals to drive that point home. And he does so successfully.

The individuals who are in the video are all struggling with a series of problems. They are battling cancer, having issues with finances, and dealing with being bullied. Their problems are not the focus, but the fact that each of these afflictions has planted seeds of fear in these individual's hearts.

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Even though these people are all struggling in different ways, fear is the common factor. One of them is afraid of what financial problems may bring, one is afraid of what may happen to her health, and the other is afraid of what people may think of her.

They are so broken by fear until the moment someone in their lives planted a seed of hope. And it helped them overcome the fear that they were overwhelmed by. That moment really illustrated the point that love casts out all fear. We all have problems to face, but we can overcome them, as long as we do not listen to fear.

WATCH: Encouragement To Overcome Fear

Credit: Youtube/zachwilliamsVEVO

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