Top 4 Music Videos Of 2017

top 4 music videos 2017

One of the great things about starting a new year is looking back at the moments we shared in 2017. Some make us laugh or give us nostalgic feelings but some bring out our sentimental side. These top 4 music videos of 2017 are amazing and each song is more wonderful than the next.

#4 Back To God

Reba is at her absolute best in this powerful single from her gospel album ‘Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope’. I adore Reba’s voice and hearing her use her gift to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ is just amazing. And this song ‘Back To God’ lifts up God as the only solution to our world’s troubles. With all the pain and hurt happening all around us, this is a message we can really use right now.

#3 Always On My Mind

Close your eyes and listen to this song and you will be convinced that you are listening to Willie Nelson himself. But it is actually his son, Lukas, who sounds just like his old man. This impromptu performance of ‘Always On My Mind’ will completely surprise you. The resemblance is uncanny.

#2 Who’s Lovin’ You

16-year-old Christian Guardino has been singing for as long as he can remember. Today, he’s following his passion all the way to the America’s Got Talent stage. Christian was a little nervous at first, but after talking with the judges his nerves started to calm. When you hear him audition with this amazing version of “Who’s Lovin’ You” from The Jackson 5, you will be wowed. As soon as he hit that first note I got chills. It’s no wonder why he earned Howie’s golden buzzer. What an incredible moment from 2017.

#1 You Raise Me Up

‘You Raise Me Up’ is a powerful song that has touched hearts time and time again. So many different artists have performed this special song. But just wait until you hear this beautiful cover from Jai McDowall and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Their talent is absolutely amazing. I can really hear the passion behind this performance and it truly moved me!


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