15 Times Dogs Recreated Photos from When They Were Puppies

15 Times Dogs Recreated Photos from When They Were Puppies

15 Times Dogs Recreated Photos from When They Were Puppies

Who said recreating childhood photos is only for humans? Nothing is able to capture the passing of time quite like a photograph. These images of when dogs recreated photos are adorable!

These photos are sure to put a smile on your face! Many of us grew up with a four-legged best friend as part of our family and remember how quickly they grow from puppyhood. This “Then and Now” is a heartwarming collection of when dogs recreated photos from their time as pups.

1. Dogs Recreated Photos and Showed You’re Never Too Old To Be Held

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Man Holding Dog _ allcreated

credit: Imgur

Just a short time and this adorable pup went from being a cuddly bundle to an arm-full of love.

2. Dog Posed for Photos In Their Favorite Spot

He obviously doesn’t know he’s outgrown his favorite spot in the house!

3. Dogs Recreated Photos with Their Best Friend

Dogs Recreated Photos _ westie dog best friends _ allcreated

credit: Mookychew

These pups say size doesn’t matter! They are best friends no matter how big or small.

4. Dog Posed for Photos with His Favorite Nap Spot

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Golden Retriever Pillow _ allcreated

credit: Evieee

What a difference a year makes! This doggie loves his pillow.

5. Dogs Recreated Photos On The Same Stone In The Yard

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Collie dog _ allcreated

credit: wojtek9000

It’s hard to believe this beautiful Collie started out as such a tiny puff ball!

6. Dogs Recreated Photos While Taking A Ride In The Car

Dogs Recreated Photos _ husky dog in car _ allcreated

credit: jennifer610

This sweet pal is happy to pose for the photo as long as there is a relaxing ride in the car!

7. Dogs Recreated Photos Where They Grew Overnight

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Man holding friends dog _ allcreated

credit: URDogs

He went to visit his friend and couldn’t believe how the dog had grown!

8. Dogs Posed for Photos While Showing Their Balancing Skills

These pals show that friendship doesn’t have to be only with four-legged friends!

9. Dogs Recreated Photos and Proved You’re Never Too Old To Take Silly Photos

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Golden Doodle and Man _ allcreated

credit: Jimmybero

This tiny adorable pup grew quickly but hasn’t grown out of pretending to be a puppy!

10. Dogs Recreated Photos Showing How Their Owners Have Grown Too

We aren’t sure which one changed the most in 4 years!

11. Dogs Recreated Photos In Their Cutest Outfits

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Tiny dog brick wall _ allcreated

credit: rickylgnds

This little guy proves that you are never too old for a cute outfit!

12. Dogs Posed for Photos with Costume Changes

Such a sweet gentleman, then and now. Love the bowtie, it adds so much charm!

13. Dogs Recreated Photos and Tried To Get the Pose Exactly the Same

Dogs Recreated Photos _ Golden Retriever Dog Door _ allcreated

credit: Imgur

Posing one year apart, this pup is still trying to sneak into the bathroom!

14. Dogs Recreated Photos with Big Smiles

Someone is in dog heaven – Look at that smile on both their faces!

15. Dogs Posed for Photos and Proved They Really ARE Man’s Best Friend

He rescued this pup while stationed overseas – and the pup rescued him when he returned to the U.S.

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