20 Animals You Almost NEVER See As Babies. And They Are ADORABLE!

These Little Balls Of Cuteness Have My Heart!

Let's face it. Babies are cute! And I'm not just talking about human babies. There are tons of fur babies that will have you saying "Awwww!" But you've probably only seen these 20 little critters in their adult form. And that's something you're going to want to remedy right now! Enjoy!

1) Skunks This gives new meaning to the phrase "stinking cute!"

mj-godupdates- 20-animal-babies-skunk

Credit: The DoDo

2) Hedgehogs — Is it just me, or does this sweet prickly tyke looks like he's doing mini sit-ups?!


Credit: The DoDo

3) Octopuses — Forget finding Nemo. I want to find this cutie!


Credit: The DoDo

4) Chincillas — I can't even stand the cuteness…


Credit: The DoDo

5) Beavers — And the next item on my bucket list — baby beaver bottle feeding! (Good luck saying that 5 times fast!)


Credit: The DoDo

6) Pigeons — These fuzzy pals can sit on my stoop any day!


Credit: The DoDo

7) Zebras — Run free buddy! Right into my arms!


Credit: The DoDo

8) Porcupines — This little guy makes a bad hair day look good!


Credit: The DoDo

9) Baboons — This sweet baby looks like he could use a cuddle. I'm more than happy to volunteer!


Credit: The DoDo

10) Bats — Oh so sleepy! And snuggly!


Credit: The DoDo

11) Snakes — Ok, I'll admit it. I'm not a huge fan of snakes. But this teeny serpent might just change my mind…


Credit: The DoDo

12) Aardvarks — This guy looks like the adorable answer to my ant problem!


Credit: The DoDo

13) Chipmunks — Well hey there little cutie! You look like you'd fit right in my pocket!


Credit: The DoDo

14) Hamsters — Oooooo, so small! I just want to hold it so bad!


Credit: The DoDo

15) Groundhogs — "I can haz dis carrot cuz I'z so cute?"


Credit: The DoDo

16) Armadillos — Look at that miniature ball of cuteness!


Credit: The DoDo

17) Rats — Um, is it weird that I desperately want to pet this pint-sized pipsqueak?


The DoDo

18) Camels — Hump Day just got a whole lot cuter with this tiny fluff ball!


Credit: The DoDo

19) Guinea Pigs — This looker is about to start a teacup Hamster craze!

mj-godupdates-20-animal-babies-guinea pig

Credit: The DoDo

20) Hyenas — Please, please can I have one?!


Credit: The DoDo

Hopefully these pictures made you smile, and remind you of the glory of God’s creations!

“God made the animals of the earth after their kind, and the livestock after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind. God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:25

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credit: The DoDo