Army And Navy Glee Club Came Together To Sing The National Anthem And It Is So Moving

Army And Navy Glee Club Sing The National Anthem In The Snow_GodUpdates

Some amazing men and women made headlines during an NFL football game. Hundreds of army and navy veterans got together for one very special reason — to honor our country by singing The National Anthem!

The veterans are all members of the West Point Academy Glee Club and the U.S. Navy Academy Glee Club. And this touching moment had me bursting with pride!

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Patriotic Moment On The Field

Hundreds of these heroic veterans gathered on the football field to sing the national anthem. The stadium was full of cheering fans despite the frigid weather.

The snow fell as the veterans sang the anthem together. And having all of these veterans perform the national anthem was a very big deal.

With all that has been happening with the NFL national anthem protests, this couldn’t have come at a better time. These men and woman have fought for our freedom to live in the United States of America. The pride they take in their service to our country is absolutely incredible.

Singing this anthem was a symbol of hope and resilience for our country. It reminds us that no matter how bad things seem, we can still pull through. There is hope that can stand together once again and sing this beautiful anthem without having controversy surround it.

Each of these veterans knows first hand how precious our freedoms are in the USA. Their decision to stand and sing the anthem takes an immense amount of courage.

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Let this be a reminder for all of us to never forget how many people fought to have the American flag fly every day. What a true blessing it is for all of us to live in this great country.

WATCH: Army And Navy Vets Sing National Anthem

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