Uncle’s Silly Voices Have Baby Laughing Hysterically As He Reads Her A Story

baby laughing hysterically as uncle reads brown bear

Storytime had this adorable baby laughing hysterically as her devoted uncle used all kinds of silly voices while reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear. And I’m not sure who was laughing harder — Baby Margot or me!

Want to see the definition of a “funcle” (fun + uncle) in action? Then check out a viral video from 2014 of a baby laughing hysterically as her uncle reads her a story!

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Adam Theroux is definitely a funcle. And as he sits on the couch with his niece, Baby Margot, he uses all kinds of funny voices and accents to bring the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear come alive.

Within seconds, he has this sweet baby laughing hysterically. And you can’t really blame her. The enthusiasm Adam uses in reading the book is utterly heartwarming!

Uncle With A Big Heart

Seeing Adam’s devotion to his tiny niece is awesome. And apparently, Adam, who is from Rhode Island, has a special heart for pouring into the younger generation.

When Adam Theroux isn’t busy making babies laugh hysterically, he’s mentoring and loving on a little boy named CJ through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State (BBBSOS).

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CJ’s grandma says Adam’s involvement in her grandson’s life has had a big impact. And in 2017, Adam was named the Community-Based Big Brother of the Year.

“CJ has learned compassion and thoughtfulness from Adam,” she said. “Adam is very thoughtful and often thinks of CJ's sister as well as CJ. In turn, this has made CJ much more thoughtful and kind to both his grandmother and sister.”

Adam also started his own non-profit, Good People Doing Good, to help fuel his passion for carrying out small random acts of kindness. People write to Adam about folks they know who are struggling. Adam then surprises these folks with random acts of kindness in an effort to brighten their day.

“We can't change someone's life, but we can surprise them and restore some faith back into humanity,” Adam said.

When the video of Baby Margot laughing hysterically hit social media, it instantly went viral, wracking in millions of views. And it’s just as heartwarming today.

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Go ahead – just try and watch the video without laughing yourself. I dare you!

WATCH: Baby Laughing Hysterically As Uncle Reads Brown Bear, Brown Bear

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