Twin Baby Boys Laugh At Each Other In Their Highchairs During Dinnertime

There’s no special bond like a bond between twins, especially when they can enjoy a laugh at any chance they get. These twin baby boys make each other laugh at dinner time and it is adorable.

It is mealtime for these twin baby boys, Seth and Simeon. They came up with the cutest game while they were waiting to eat. They are sitting in their highchairs waiting patiently to eat.

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But Seth, one of the twins figured that they needed some entertainment. He discovered how to rock his high chair back and forth. It made such a funny sound and it amused him and Simeon. They laughed so hard.

The two brothers just could not handle it and would burst into a laughing storm! Simeon would kick his legs because it was so funny, and Seth would continue to rock his chair. One of their parents thought it was the funniest thing and got the camera rolling. There is nothing like a good laugh before a good meal.

Seth and Simeon are so adorable as they make each other laugh over and over. It is so cute how they know exactly what to do to make each other laugh already. That is something that they will be able to bond over forever. It is a good thing it is all caught on camera!

WATCH: Twin Baby Boys Make Each Other Laugh

Credit: Rumble/MimiWest

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