Guests Stunned When Jon Bon Jovi Sings At A Wedding And It’s The Stuff Of Dreams

bon jovi sings at a wedding

Stunned guests look on as rocker Jon Bon Jovi sings at a wedding reception. And his impromptu performance of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ made this special day even more memorable!

A private wedding gathering in Key Biscayne, Florida set the stage for this once in a lifetime encounter. Bon Jovi was there to celebrate, not perform.

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But as the wedding singer, Lourdes Valentin, broke into a jazz rendition of Bon Jovi’s 1986 classic ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’, she signaled for the rock star to join her. Amazingly, he granted the request!

Bon Jovi Sings At A Wedding

Usually, fans would pay good money and flock to packed venues for a live performance from this talented artist. So, to see Bon Jovi sing at a wedding is a special treat, indeed.

"She says, we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got

It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not

We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love

We’ll give it a shot

Woah, we’re halfway there

Woah, livin’ on a prayer

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear,

Woah, livin’ on a prayer"

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The whole room starts singing along to the chorus, and Bon Jovi gets up and starts singing during the second verse of the song. He steals the show as he belts out the lyrics to this fun and energetic song. And the crowd gives him a loud round of applause.

What a fun atmosphere! All the wedding guests were loving the duet performance and were taking videos of the two singing on stage together.

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Now, this is the type of wedding reception that I want to go to! We hope you enjoyed this great video and it brought a smile to your face today!

WATCH: Bon Jovi Sings ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ At A Wedding

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