Her Son’s Odd Sores Uncovered A Hidden Bounce House Danger

A Bounce House Warning For All Parents

It’s no secret that kids love a good bounce house, making them a common feature at parties and kid-centric events. And while they are fun, they can also be dangerous. The obvious concern is of children getting hurt while bouncing. But one mom recently learned there is a more hidden danger that can easily turn deadly if left untreated. And that’s precisely why she’s getting the word out to other parents!

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Like most kids, Brenda Sanderson’s 10-year-old son was ecstatic when she took him to a party with a bounce house, and he spent the fun-filled afternoon bouncing to his heart’s content. But two days later, Brenda began noticing some odd marks on her son’s body.

Things Get Worse

When Brenda asked her son about the marks, he said they were probably from jumping and sliding around in the bounce house. Brenda figured the sores were similar to rug burn, and so she applied Neosporin and didn’t worry much about it.

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But instead of getting better, the sores got worse. They began oozing and spreading, becoming more and more painful. Brenda took her son straight to the doctor. After explaining he’d been in a bounce house, the doctor knew instantly the boy had a staph infection.

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After dozens of kids have been jumping, rolling and sweating, the plastic surfaces of the bounce house are the perfect breeding ground for the invisible bacteria if not sufficiently cleaned. The doctor explained:

“It is like a wrestling mat. Staph infections come from a gym or something that’s not being washed or cleansed properly will start to create a bacteria.”

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Warning Others

Thankfully, Brenda’s son is doing fine, but it was certainly an eye-opening moment. She says she would warn anyone planning to rent a bounce house to be sure to clean it really well before having anyone go in it. Likewise, Doctor Ari Cohen, Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Mass General Hospital, warns that any open cut is at risk of becoming infected. He suggests making sure to wash any wound thoroughly to greatly decrease that risk.

So, in addition to the larger hazards associated with actual bouncing — such as bumps, bruises or more serious injuries — we hope Brenda’s story will inspire others be cautious of the dangerous bacteria that may be present inside of bounce houses. Make sure that any open wounds are securely covered before allowing a child to enter a bounce house, and be sure that children wash themselves thoroughly with soap and water after they are done playing.

Additionally, here are some ways to help keep bounce houses clean:

  • Clean inflatables immediately after or just prior to use
  • Vacuum and remove all the big debris (grass, leaves, dirt)
  • Wipe the bouncy house out with a mild cleaner or a multipurpose product that cleans and sanitizes at the same time
  • Wash and clean from the back wall to the front door
  • Wash and the front step and other outside surfaces.


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