A Photographer Inspired Thousands With His Photography Of A Tree

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Patrik Svedberg, an amazing photographer found scenery that inspired him so much, The Broccoli Tree. And he is sharing how that tree gave him a chance to share what he loved with the world.

Patrik decided to use a tree as the focal point of what turned out to be one of his greatest projects, simply because it made him smile. He called the tree, "The Broccoli Tree" because the tree actually reminded him of a piece of broccoli. In fact, he compared a lot of trees to broccoli stalks.

But the tree that he named "The Broccoli Tree" was the tree that he passed every day on his way to work. One day he took a picture of The Broccoli Tree and posted it online. It was not his best work, but people liked it.

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That inspired him to post more pictures of the unique tree that he grew to be inspired by. So, whenever he passed the tree he would take a picture of it. Regardless of the time of day, seasons and the weather, he made sure to get a picture of the tree. To show the world his new ongoing project, he created an Instagram account for The Broccoli Tree.

And to his surprise, thousands of people appreciated this project and followed the account. Over twenty-seven-thousand people followed The Broccoli Tree's Instagram account! The Broccoli Tree became so popular, that he even had a calendar made with images that he took of the tree.

Followers appreciated the project so much, that people travel from all over the world to visit the tree in person. People loved to take pictures beside the tree and post it also. It was all because one person wanted to share what brought them joy to the world. And this photographer encourages others to find what brings us joy too.

WATCH: The Broccoli Tree Brings So Much Joy

Credit: Youtube/Vlogbrothers

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