Celtic Thunder ‘Hallelujah’ Brings Some Amazing Harmonies For The Christmas Season

Celtic Thunder Hallelujah

What better way to ring in the season than with a special Christmas ‘Hallelujah’ performance by the talented men of Celtic Thunder? Countless artists have covered this beautiful song over the years. But this amazing rendition is truly one-of-a-kind!

Celtic Thunder is a gifted group of Irish performers known for their opera voices and elaborate productions. Every song they sing truly showcases their incredible talent. And the harmonies are even more amazing!

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The group started out in 2007. And since their debut, they have been climbing the charts and making a worldwide name for themselves. Over the course of a decade, these 5 men have recorded original songs and popular covers.

But I think their Christmas tunes are my absolute favorite!

A Celtic Twist On Christmas

There's something about hearing those classic Christmas songs performed in such a powerful way that will truly remind you of the real reason for the season.

Some people may argue that ‘Hallelujah' is not necessarily a Christian song. But there are many who feel very moved by it. They feel closer to God each time they hear the song.

And when you listen to these talented Irish singers belt out the powerful words, you will understand exactly what I mean!

Celtic Thunder truly puts their heart and soul into each and every performance. And there's a reason this particular number has been viewed over a million times. From the beautiful backdrop to the stunning vocals, this Christmas song is one that you will be listening to all season long. Who else agrees with me?

WATCH: Celtic Thunder Performs Christmas ‘Hallelujah’

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