Josh Groban Performs A Powerful Christmas Classic

Christmas time is here and josh groban welcomes the Christmas season with a newly released album called, "Noel: Deluxe Edition". He takes to the studio to record a bunch of Christmas songs new and old. One song that is featured on his album, is his rendition of John Lennon's 1971 single, "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". He performs this Christmas classic so beautifully and his music video for the song is just as heartwarming.

godupdates josh groban performs christmas classic

Credit: Josh Groban

A lot of artists have covered this song but partnered with his music video, Josh really got a strong message across with the song. Josh Groban wants to encourage everyone to focus on the holiday spirit and aims to do that through this song.

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The music video shows behind the scene footage of Josh recording the legendary Christmas song in the studio. While in the studio with his sound technicians, Josh invites children to come sing the song with him. The studio is then filled with children of all ages who are excited about singing and most importantly, excited about spreading the Christmas cheer!

godupdates josh groban performs christmas classic

Credit: Josh Groban

They seem to be professional singers also because they sing so well and are so confident while they sing. It is so amazing to see everyone unified through music for Christmas. This is really what Christmas is all about.

WATCH: Josh Groban Performs Christmas Classic

Credit: Youtube/Josh Groban

Source: Youtube/Josh Groban

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