Passengers Waiting On Their Flight Have A Blast With An Accordion Get Down

If you have ever traveled by airplane, you know how annoying delays and layovers can be. Some people don't mind it, but others do not like the idea of having to wait to get to their next destination. If you are one of those people, Sheldon Thornhill, and Sean Sullivan might just have the thing for you! By whipping their guitar and accordion, they can bring a party for those who may get grouchy while waiting for their flight.

The two musicians were traveling together and were waiting to board their flight when they came up with a fun idea. They pulled out their instruments, an accordion, and a guitar, and began to entertain the other passengers through song. It really lifted everyone's spirit. Several passengers even got it all on video!

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In one video, you see a little boy join in and completely steal the show! He is no stranger to the song. He confidently since along to Sheldon playing the accordion, with everyone else as his backup singers. The fellow passengers seem to know every word to Sheldon and Sean's playlist.

As soon as Sheldon increased the tempo of the accordion, a few people got up out of their seats and begin to dance together in groups. Everyone in the waiting area clapped and cheered! What a great way to pass the time!

WATCH: Musicians Play Guitar and Accordion In Airport

Source: Facebook/Michelle Sacrey Philpott

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