Waitress Was Having A Rough Day, Then Customer Tips The Single Mom $810

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One single mother's hectic day turns around when a customer tips her a generous amount. In fact, it was the largest tip she has received in her 20 years of working in the restaurant industry!

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Jennifer Vernancio is a waitress at a pizza place called The Big Cheese in Rhode Island, and she is a single mom to a 16-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. She has shared that it has been hard on her with bringing in an income and taking care of her children.

"It's been difficult. However, The Big Cheese works with us no matter what with my schedule," said Jennifer. “My son can't be around sick kids when it comes to day care and when I can't get a sitter they say, ‘OK, well when you get a sitter come in.’ Or they give me another shift to make up for the one I missed. They're super accommodating."

Kim Tierney, the manager of The Big Cheese, shared how all the employees work together to help each other out. “We are just a big family. We try to look out for one another and do what's best for each other," Kim said. “Everyone here works very hard, we’re one big family and we work very hard to make our day to day operations go.”

Recently, Jennifer was scheduled to come in for work to open the restaurant, but wasn't able to find child care.

“I was having a terrible morning. I couldn’t find a sitter,” she said. “There was a kid at day care that was sick so I couldn't bring my son. I was supposed to be in at 11. They told me to come in when I have a sitter, so my daughter was available after school. That’s when I came in.”

Customer Tips Single Mom In Rhode Island $810 And Saves Her Day

And after coming into work after a hectic day, Jennifer was about to have her whole day turned around in the best way. A husband and wife that just ordered some sandwiches were so kind and left her a very generous tip!

“The gentleman looked over his shoulder and said to have a nice day. I said, ‘You too,'” she said. "I go over to pick up the check, I don't even know. They left me an $810 tip. I'm like, are you kidding? This can't be. I brought it to my manager and at first I'm like, ‘This can't be.' She's like, ‘Oh no, that's it."'

Jennifer continued: “That money, it's more than a couple of shifts. I mean it helps out, everything helps out, but that is more than money, it's just true kindness."

“There are angels out there," said Kim after seeing Jennifer's tip. "It makes a difference in someone's life you know. Sometimes, the little gesture of kindness can go a long way or a lot of gesture of kindness in this aspect, but it goes a long way and you never know what someone is going through.”

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Jennifer was able to use the tip money to buy her daughter a new pair of shoes, her son a toy truck, and paid off bills with the rest of it. What a heartwarming story that reminds us about the importance of kindness and generosity!

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