Doctor Spots Lump On Woman’s Throat While Watching HGTV

doctor spots cancer on hgtv alerts woman to thyroid lump

32-year-old Nicole McGuinness was searching for a home and had no idea that her appearance on HGTV’s ‘Beachfront Bargain Hunt’ would actually end up saving her life. But a doctor spots cancer on HGTV from where he watched several states away, and she says he’s saved her life!

Dr. Erich Voigt is an ear, nose and throat surgeon from NYU Langone Health. He also happens to be an HGTV viewer. He was watching Nicole’s episode when he saw something that troubled him. The doctor, trained to diagnose his own patients, couldn’t help but notice the small lump on her throat. As a practicing surgeon, Dr. Voigt knew it could be serious. So he reached out to make sure that Nicole had this lump checked out.

He turned to Facebook to try and get in touch with this complete stranger. Dr. Voigt shared a picture from the show on Facebook and wrote, “I am watching a TV show and notice this woman has a left thyroid mass. She needs a sonogram and fine needle biopsy. I wonder if she knows and hope it’s benign.”

Through the powers of social media, the doctor was able to make contact with Nicole and encouraged her to get the lump checked out. Nicole followed his advice and went to see a specialist who diagnosed her with thyroid cancer. She is now getting the treatment she needs for her condition.

In this clip, this unlikely pair meet in-person for the very first time, and it’s absolutely heartwarming to witness. Nicole thought she would have difficulties expressing her gratitude, but it’s the doctor who is overcome with emotion. It’s incredible how two total strangers can change each other’s lives.

Who else is in awe of this story?

WATCH: Doctor Spots Cancer on HGTV Show “Beachfront Bargain Hunt”


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