Elephant Mother Works For 11 Hours Straight To Save Her Baby

Love as big as an ELEPHANT!

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. And that goes for elephant moms, too! This poor baby got separated and found himself in a “pickle.” This little guy fell in what appears to be an old, muddy well and got stuck. Big time. But this momma didn’t give up!!

This momma elephant spent (11) hours desperately trying to pull her baby free from a muddy pit before villagers lend her a helping hand.


This determined momma refused to leave her calf and was working relentlessly to pull her baby out using her trunk. She tried to dig out this little guy but unfortunately, she pushed more mud in the pit only making the situation worse.

The kind-hearted villagers, hearing her cries, rushed to the scene. Once they were able to distract the mother away from the well, they were able to dig out enough dirt to give this momma the room she needed.

This loving momma then tightly wrapped her trunk around the baby’s slippery, mud-caked body and pulled him out. The two were later seen entwining trunks and happily walking side-by-side as they continued their journey.

WOW – what an amazing display of the love we have for our children. Can you imagine how much MORE God loves you? Eleven hours is a blink of an eye as it relates to how long God will wait to have a relationship with you! He’s a patient and loving God who wants to help us out of the “pit” we find ourselves in. Cry out to God today for whatever is weighing on your heart and mind. He’ll be there!

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Featured Image Credit: Getty Images