Hospital Technician Sings To Baby Girl At Children’s Hospital

This Hospital Technician Has The Kindest Heart!

They say to honor God in all you do. That’s exactly what Mike Patterson tries to do, including when he goes to work each day. It’s what compelled him to do something amazing for one of his patients at the Children’s Hospital where he worked as a hospital technician. And the impact it had on the baby girl and her terrified family is touching hearts everywhere!

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Mike’s incredible kindness was brought to light in an original story by Ali Cummins, featured on the Love What Matters Facebook page. In it, Ali recounts meeting the hospital technician 3 years ago at the Children’s Hospital, where she was preparing to meet with a cardiologist regarding her 3-month-old daughter, Cecilia. But first, Ceci had to undergo all kinds of tests that understandably terrified her mother — x-rays, lab work, EKG’s. etc.

The whole situation must have felt like some kind of bad dream. Ali writes,

“I told myself this wasn’t happening. I was not at a children's hospital. I was not preparing to meet with a cardiologist. This wasn’t my life. This wasn’t our life.”

And that’s when Mike showed up.

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Mike with his wife Credit: Facebook / Mike Patterson

Mike was wearing blue scrubs and a kind smile, ready to run the tests on little Ceci. As the hospital technician gently took the tiny girl from the safety of her mother’s arms and laid her on the exam table, she began to cry. It was agonizing for Ali, who says,

“My heart raced while Ceci's cry continued to grow in intensity. Nothing I tried stopped her tears, and this just reminded me of the fact that there was nothing I could do to heal her either.”

But there, in that fragile moment, God’s love shone through Mike’s actions:

“Mike, bent down next to Cecilia, and in a soft voice, he began to sing: ‘The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.’ Ceci's cry stops. ‘All through the town,’ he cooed sweetly, and Ceci smiled. Her blue eyes were transfixed on him, and he looked lovingly back at her.”

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The amazing moment hit Ali in a profound way. She says,

“My child was at the cardiologist; my child was having an ECHO done on her heart. I was standing in a children's hospital. And amid all of these unhappy things, I was witnessing the most beautiful thing ever: someone loving my child. A complete stranger treating my child with unimaginable kindness.

For the rest of the procedure, Mike sang to Ceci. He talked softly to her. He treated her with the kindness that all people should experience, but rarely do.

What I saw that day wasn't just good bedside manner. It wasn't just good medicine. I saw compassion and empathy and love.”

Ali says that halfway through the ultrasound, she looked down to see Ceci’s tiny hand gripping one of Mike’s fingers. When the procedure was completed, the precious child didn’t want to let go.

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Now, 3 years later, Ali says Mike still stops by to see Ceci anytime they are at the hospital. And he always sings her “The Wheels on the Bus,” just like he did that first day.

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Mike’s gentle spirit and tender heart is a true blessing to the families he helps. As a hospital technician, he is often meeting them during an extremely difficult time. And he’s the first to explain, in a comment he posted on Facebook in response to the Love What Matters story, that the compassion he shows comes not from himself, but from above.

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He says, “I am truly blessed and honored to do what I do. But I want to say this it is not by my own doing that this has happened it is only with GOD and by GOD’S grace that any of this is possible so I thank GOD for blessing me this way.”

What a beautiful example of loving like Christ! God has blessed each of us with our own unique gifts. How will you use yours to glorify our Lord and spread His love?

Please share this story with others as a reminder of just how powerful kindness is!

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” Luke 10:27

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