Joyce Meyer On How To Deal With Difficult Person Using Godly Wisdom

how to deal with difficult person

A Joyce Meyer teaching on life’s experiences provides the roadmap for how to deal with a difficult person or situation using Godly wisdom.

Joyce Meyer is a Christian author and speaker who comes from a challenging background. She turned to Christ in her unhappiness and never looked back.

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After preaching at a congregation in St. Louis and spreading the Word in other ways, she and her husband founded a television ministry. That ministry is now called ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to one of Joyce's devotionals, get ready to be called out in the best way.

Joyce Meyer is currently preaching on living with humble submission to God's Word. In this video, she talks about learning how to approach less-than-ideal situations and how to deal with a difficult person from Galatians 6.

How To Deal With A Difficult Person Or Situation

She begins by telling the audience they must not lose faith when they struggle. Running away is never the answer. Joyce says, "Everything that you go through, something good can come out of it if you'll let it."

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God has a reason as to why you're in that situation, and you have to stick around to learn.

"You know how I learned not to mistreat people? I worked for somebody for five years that mistreated me," Joyce said. "I was kind of hard-hearted, had a little bit of a tough exterior. And I probably would have not been the nicest, sweetest person in the world either if I wouldn't have had that experience of knowing what it's like to be on the other end of it."

I'm sure all of us can relate to having to deal with a difficult boss or coworker at some point and dreading the situation. Joyce tells us that we will one day thank God for these experiences because they shaped us as humans and believers of Christ.

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Take the time to watch Joyce's talk. You'll find yourself nodding along with the stadium crowd and clapping as she shares her spiritual wisdom.

WATCH: Joyce Meyer Teaching On How To Deal With A Difficult Person

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