Joyce Meyer Talks About Holiness And Tattoos In The Body Of Christ

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This message delivered by Joyce Meyer completely blew my mind! It challenged me to reconsider what I consider holiness to be and how I have been pursuing my relationship with God.

Joyce Meyer gave a very straight-forward message about holiness and what that means for us as the body of Christ.

Minister Tackles Legalism Vs. Holiness

In this message, she talked about legalism in the body of Christ. She says it seems as though we are so focused on rules and regulations instead of enjoying our life in Christ.

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Christians have made a mess out of what holiness is and created a lifestyle of legalism. One of the most controversial topics in Christianity is if Christians should get tattoos or not. And Joyce zeroed in on this topic in a portion of her message.

Of course, people have used scripture to support why tattoos are not okay. But Joyce Meyer pointed out how Isaiah 49 states that there is a picture of us tattooed on the hands of Jesus.

She even said that she would get a tattoo that says, "I belong to the Lord" right on the back of her shoulder just like the men in Isaiah 44 did on their hands. She said that she would do it just to make religious people mad because for so long she had lived in bondage to legalism.

Yes, it is important to follow the standards of the Bible. And she is not at all promoting a lifestyle of disobedience.

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But rather, she is encouraging us to dig deeper into our relationship with God. We should discover what are religious rules and what God actually told us to do and not do. She is encouraging us to enjoy our relationship with Jesus. What do you think about tattoos?

WATCH: Joyce Meyer Gives Message On Tattoos

Credit: Facebook/Joyce Meyer Ministries