Pastor Encourages The Church To Not Be So Focused On Dress Code

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Pastor Greg Locke has encouragement for people who are concerned about the way that they look when they attend church. And he has a take on the church dress code you’ve gotta hear.

Pastor Locke points out that whenever we invite people to church, the first thing they ask is what they should wear. This shows that we often focus too much on what people have on their bodies instead of focusing on what they have on their hearts.

He encourages us to truly see people the way that Jesus did. He mentions that Jesus only referenced a dress code one time in His whole ministry on Earth. And it was in Matthew chapter 6 when He said, ‘take no fault what you should wear.’

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Pastor Locke challenges believers of the church to be more concerned about their real-life issues as opposed to making sure visitors wear just what they think should be the ‘right thing’ to wear to church.

Going to church should be all about fellowship with God and fellowship with other believers. He encourages us to not be so harsh when it comes down to dress code. We do not want to turn people away from church but welcome them with the love of God regardless of what they may be wearing. What do you think about church dress codes? Do you have one at your church, even if it is unspoken?

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