Pastor Encourages Those Who Struggle With Depression And Anxiety

godupdates overcoming depression and anxiety

Pastor Greg Locke has an encouraging message for people who are walking a journey through overcoming depression and anxiety.

We usually shy away from the topic, but Pastor Locke wants to address the reality in this video. He points out that depression and anxiety are not foreign. He talks about how a lot of figures in the bible like Paul, David, and Moses have struggled with anxiety and depression.

That is even battle that he struggles with himself. He is really transparent as he shares about moments where he had an extreme panic attack just a few minutes before he went to preach a message in a room full of thousands of people.

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He understands how difficult it is to explain to others that chaos that is going on inside, but he challenges us to make what is going on in our lives to be known to God. God will allow the chaos in our lives to be silenced. He will use the brokenness that we may feel and give a purpose to our pain.

It is okay to feel broken and to not be "okay". But it is not okay to hide it and be alone. If you are dealing with depression and anxiety, do not try to hide it. Trust the Lord. He will use this season to bless you. He is your hope and is always with you in your suffering. What a powerful message of hope!

WATCH: Pastor Talks About Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

Credit: Facebook/Pastor Greg Locke

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