Jim Caviezel, The Actor Who Played Jesus, Brings A Powerful Message Of Faith

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We’ve all had that moment in our lives where we heard a call from God. Big or small, we had to decide whether to follow that call. Actor Jim Caviezel heard that call and he followed it, and now he is sharing how God worked through his faithfulness.

Jim Caviezel was raised in a Christian family and grew up hearing about how God could use those who are faithful and trust Him. So as he lived his life he was always waiting and listening for the Lord’s call on his life. One day when Jim was 19 years old that call came. He had just left a movie in his hometown and suddenly, sitting in his car, he felt the pull on his heart to become an actor. It made no sense to Jim who didn’t consider himself gifted in that area, but he followed the call of the Lord.

Jim worked in films through the years but when he was 33 years old he got the call that would change his life. He got a call from Mel Gibson to play Jesus. Being a man of faith Jim knew that it was no coincidence he was being asked to fulfill this role at this exact time in his life. So Jim took the role.Jim suffered greatly during filming from separating his shoulder (just like Jesus did), and hypothermia to being hit by lightning. And, the things he learned about our Lord Jesus Christ while portraying Him in the movie ‘the Passion of the Christ’ will give you chills.

Now Jim is taking part in another epic movie depicting the life of the Apostle Paul. Again Jim knew it was no coincidence that the Lord brought him to a role that would help spread the word of God to the masses. In the new movie ‘Paul, Apostle to Christ’, Jim plays Luke a close friend of Paul.

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When the release date of the film began approaching (the movie opened in theatres March 2018) Jim got the opportunity to speak at a Student Leadership Summit for Catholic University Students he jumped at the chance. The students thought they were just going to watch the trailer for ‘Paul, Apostle to Christ‘ when Jim surprised them by taking the stage. That’s when Jim started to share his message about following your calling.

He speaks powerfully about his own journey and shows all the ways the Lord has made impossible things happen in his life. And then he reminds us that we have to continue the message of Paul. We as Christians have the key to true purpose and freedom and we need to show the world how they too can have life everlasting. What Jim says about following your calling from the Lord is truly an inspiring reminder. And now I can’t wait to see this new movie!

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