Our Most ‘Uncelebrity’ President, Jimmy Carter, Prefers Modest Life Over Riches

Jimmy Carter modest life

In an era where fame and fortune are what many people chase, former President Jimmy Carter prefers a simple, modest life over recognition and riches. He may just be our most ‘uncelebrity' president to date! Carter has also been an ex-president for 38 years, longer than any other president in history!

After his term ended in 1981, the former Democratic president did not want to "capitalize financially on being in the White House." That's why Carter did not join any corporate boards or get paid large sums of money to attend events and give speeches. "I don't see anything wrong with it; I don't blame other people for doing it," explains Carter. "It just never had been my ambition to be rich." Because of this, Jimmy Carter returned to his hometown of Plains, Georgia after his time in the White House.

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The town of Plains is about 150 miles south of Atlanta with a population of 700 people. It's only a mile in diameter, but this small farmland town is what formed Jimmy Carter. He says that his upbringing here seeded his beliefs about racial equality and also made him unpretentious and frugal.

Jimmy Carter And His Modest Lifestyle

Before his presidency, Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. His business was held in a blind trust during his time in office. It went into debt while he was serving in the White House. Him and his wife, Rosalynn, were forced to sell the business when they got back to Plains, GA because of the massive debt. That's when Carter decided to take up writing, and he has now written 33 books! They cover topics like his life and career, his faith, aging, women's rights, fishing, Middle East peace, and woodworking. He even wrote a children's book with his daughter, Amy Carter.

After leaving the White House, Jimmy Carter went back to live in the house he lived in before he was the president: a simple, two-bedroom rancher. He is the only modern president to do this. He also never flies on private jets, like most ex-presidents do, and prefers to fly commercial. Carter is known to walk up and down the aisle on plane rides greeting other passengers and taking pictures with them when they ask.

The Carters And Their Down-To-Earth Life

It's the simple, no-frills life that the Carters prefer. They like to have weekly dinners with their friends in town and stroll down their town's main street in the evening light. They like to watch Atlanta Braves games and "Law and Order" on TV. The Carters cook together every day and even make their own yogurt. Jimmy Carter also teaches Sunday school at the Baptist church in town.

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This modest life that the Carters live is an honorable one. And the values that Jimmy Carter has, like honesty, integrity, and humility, will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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