Little Big Town Song Brings Back Memories of Grandma’s Trailer

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‘Beat Up Bible’ Stirs Up Cherished Memories For Band Members

Grandmas are pretty special — they always seem to have the answer for whatever ails you. And when Kimberly Schlapman from the country group Little Big Town sings the powerful lyrics from “Beat Up Bible,” she can’t help but picture her own great-grandmother and the tattered family Bible!

Popular country group Little Big Town has enjoyed their share of success. But there’s something special about the song “Beat Up Bible” from their album, The Breaker.

godupdates little big town song beat up bible memories of grandma fb

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The song opens:

This beat up Bible
Dusty on the shelf
Worn out and torn up
don’t look like much but it will get you through hell
It’s been held in the hands
Of all the ones that I love
It might be falling off the binding but every line in it still holds up

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Though the band didn’t write the song, the songwriters may as well have stolen the words right from Kimberly Schlapman’s heart.

“That song just fills up my heart," she says, "and I see my great-grandmother and her little trailer where I used to stay with her, reading her Bible."


WATCH: Little Big Town Performs “Beat Up Bible”

Karen Fairchild usually handles lead vocals for the band, but Kimberly takes over on this hit. She has an emotional connection to the lyrics, which shines through in each heartfelt performance of the song.

"I see so many pictures in my head as I sing that song," she goes on. "We have, in my family, a beat up Bible... The binding’s falling off, some of the pages are just stuffed in there... In the front is written the births of all the children since the mid-1800’s. Ah! It’s so special. It’s such a treasure."

But it’s not just Kimberly who’s transported back to those special days with grandma.

‘Beat Up Bible’ And Grandma

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Band member Jimi Westbrook has a special fondness for the song, as well.

"Where I grew up, I lived here and my grandmother was kinda just out the back door," he says, referencing the location with his hands. "And I spent a lot of time there when my parents were working... I stayed with her."

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And for both Kimberly and Jimi, the family Bible was a cherished possession.

"She’s got the big centerpiece Bible when you walk in the living room," Jimi recalls. "It’s out under the Jesus picture."

"Yep. My grandmother had that too!" Kimberly exclaims.

So, for these two, they experience what the lyrics describe firsthand:

That old recliner
In this living room
She was sitting right there teaching me a prayer
All that she knew
About the words on the pages
About the greatest gift
Where you find the truth, you find the proof, of how love still is
In this beat up bible

The song, along with the band’s memories, shows the power of a praying grandma, What a treasure her legacy of faith is!

“Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.” Proverbs 17:6

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