Loyal Dog Has Cutest Reaction To Finding His Sneaky Human

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It was a good day for an ordinary walk, but this dog owner wanted to shake things up a bit and have a little fun. He and his German Shepherd are walking down the sidewalk enjoying the day. The loyal dog is completely unaware that his owner has a few tricks up his sleeve.

His owner slows down and the canine looks back to make sure that his owner is still there. It's almost as if he suspects that his owner is up to no good. But he continues along his way, content to be on his walk.

As soon as the German Shepard turned back around, his owner quickly hid behind a tree. The dog kept walking, but it did not take long for him to notice that his owner was no longer there.

When he turned around, he froze in a panic! His owner completely disappeared, and the poor dog was so confused! He looks left, he looks right, and then he looks back in the direction he was walking towards. Where could he have gone?

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Determined to find him, the dog attempted to carefully retrace his steps in hopes to find where he lost his human. He sniffs and walks to where his owner is hiding. And then he looks behind the tree and there he is! He found him! He wags his tail, excited to see his owner as if he has been missing for hours.
His owner laughs at how his dog reacted to his game of hide-and-seek. It was all in good fun. What a hilarious way to prank a dog!

WATCH: Loyal Dog Frozen in Disbelief

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