Matthew McConaughey, Wife, And Kids Delight Seniors With Unexpected Virtual Game Of Bingo

matthew mcconaughey wife and kids virtual bingo

Matthew McConaughey, wife and kids, and mom paid a very special “virtual visit” to The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living. And through the power of video chat, the Christian celebrity brought joy to the residents by leading them in a game of virtual Bingo!

Restrictions have hit retirement homes especially hard during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to keep everyone protected, even staff can’t interact with the residents as much as they normally would.

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So, The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living is figuring out new and creative ways to keep their residents engaged. And in an effort to lift spirits, the facility’s director, Molly Davis Nedley, came up with a brilliant idea involving Matthew McConaughey, his wife and kids, and even the 50-year-old actor’s mom!

Matthew McConaughey, Wife And Kids, And Mom Host Virtual Bingo

Molly turned to social media, asking Matthew to consider paying a visit to The Enclave at Round Rock. She even got some help from her friends living in the home for seniors.

Matthew McConaughey was isolating at home with his wife, Camila Alves, and kids and his mother, Kay. So, he couldn’t pay a physical visit to the senior living home.

However, thanks to modern technology, he could pay a virtual visit!

Matthew McConaughey, joined by his wife and kids and mother, hosted a virtual game of Bingo. Matthew called out the letters and numbers, while residents played along in their rooms.

It was a fun and exciting experience for the seniors, especially when two of the residents finally hit a Bingo!

“This was a wish come true!” Molly later explained. “The residents absolutely loved seeing Matthew and his family and enjoyed hearing him talk about what he's doing to get through this crisis. It gave them hope and was the boost that they needed to get through this lonely, challenging time.”

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Adding to the excitement, several of the residents also conducted interviews with the press. And one thing is clear from all of their responses — this small act of kindness from Matthew McConaughey and family brought a ton of JOY to the seniors.

“You never get too old to enjoy life,” The Enclave’s oldest resident, 97-year-old Georgia Gentry, said.

WATCH: Residents React To Virtual Bingo With Matthew McConaughey

And Matthew McConaughey isn’t just inspiring senior citizens. Earlier, he shared an uplifting message for all of us facing these scary times.

With the economy in shambles for an indeterminate amount of time, Matthew reminds us that “there is a green light on the other side of this red light that we’re in right now.” And he calls us to come together and exercise values such as kindness, fairness, and courage as we wait for that “light” to change.

These times may be uncertain. But God is not.

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His goodness remains to see us to the other side of this season!

h/t: Tank’s Good News

Featured Image: Facebook/The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living