True Story Of Gemma Swift, Severely Bullied Woman Blessed With New Teeth

Gemma Swift endured years of intense bullying after a childhood accident left her teeth disfigured. But when online bullies started attacking the British woman, a local television show decided to bless her with a life-changing gift — new teeth for Gemma Swift!

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At about 6 years old, Gemma Swift was walking to school. As children sometimes do, she playfully decided to walk backward for a bit. As she turned around, Gemma hit a lamppost head on and severely damaged her mouth and teeth. A full dental overhaul is extremely expensive, so Gemma had no choice but to live with disfigured teeth.

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Credit: Youtube/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Because of the relentless bullying of her schoolmates, Gemma ended up leaving school at age fourteen to be homeschooled. She had learned to hide from others to avoid being ridiculed for her appearance.

A TV appearance only made things worse, as online bullies began attacking Gemma on social media.

"It felt like I just wanted to break down," Gemma shared in response to facing the online attacks. “I did at one point. I just cried my eyes out.”

Amazing Dental Makeover: New Teeth For Gemma Swift

After a lifetime of being made fun of for her looks, Gemma was emotionally broken and making poor life decisions. She truly was in need of a "hand up".

And that’s when the host and producers of The Jeremy Kyle Show decided to help out.

The television show contacted Gemma and what she thought was a simple interview about bullying ended up being a surprise dental makeover. The production team connected Gemma with a dental specialist who was able to completely transform her mouth.

The results were truly stunning. But what really touched us was how Gemma's confidence grew and her perspective on life changed.

"Thank you so much, you've changed my life... I can look in the mirror and everything now!"

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Credit: Youtube/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Unfortunately, there are still some on social media that are writing cruel things about Gemma.

We are given an opportunity to be a blessing in other's lives and their appearance does not always reflect their heart. As Christians, may we always take the opportunity to love others no matter what they look like on the outside. We need to come together to teach our children how to be kind and supportive of their peers. How heartbroken God must be when He sees the hatred that is poured out.

We pray that Gemma continues to love her new smile and that she will grow in confidence and be surrounded by those who will love and support her no matter what!


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