14 Photos of Folks Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebrities

These famous celebrities all have twins. . . sort of! Celebrity doppelgängers are in the news once again as one Super Bowl commercial plans to entertain audiences with multiple look-a-likes.

Do you have a family member or ancestor who looks like a famous person? Have you ever met someone who told you they know your ‘twin?’ These photos feature some jaw-dropping look-a-likes, who could easily be mistaken for famous celebrities!

Some of these comparisons are to another celebrity. But for the most part, these side-by-sides come from another time period. And yet, the similarities between these famous celebrities and their lesser-known twins are remarkable. Time to pull out the box of old family photos to see what celebrity doubles are lurking in your family tree!

1. Dr. Andrew Sanders and Matthew McConaughey

Posted by his great-great-grandson, Dr. Andrew Sanders from Alabama bears an uncanny resemblance to Texas-born actor Matthew McConaughey.

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2. Jim Nabors and Pope Francis

We almost had to do a double-take! Pope Francis and Jim Nabors not only share a genuine grin but their love for others and humanitarian efforts.

3. Seattle Man and Matt Damon

A Seattle Man’s wedding photo from 1961 has gone viral due to his unbelievable resemblance to actor Matt Damon. One word here–doppelgänger.

4. Historical Man and Eddie Murphy

The likeness of this dapper man and Eddie Murphy is jaw-dropping! Seriously, are we sure they aren’t twins? (Or perhaps Eddie has figured out time travel!)

5. Adorable Baby and Princess Bride Actor Wallace Shawn

Known for his roles in movies such as The Princess Bride, The Incredibles, and Toy Story, actor Wallace Shawn has most recently been starring in TV’s Young Sheldon. Despite their age difference, it’s INCONCEIVABLE that anyone would look more alike than these two!

6. Former Pres. Millard Fillmore and Alec Baldwin

The 13th President of the US, Millard Fillmore, could easily be the 5th Baldwin brother!

7. Famous Celebrities Lee J. Cobb and Jason Segel

These two actors are so similar we still don’t believe they aren’t related! You may recognize Lee Cobb from his role in 12 Angry Men (1957) and wondered how old Jason Segel truly is.

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8. Zora Neal Hurston and Queen Latifah

Both Queen Latifah and Hurston are published authors and share a recording connection. Though Zora’s complete recording history may not be known, she was a part of the Florida Folklife Program during the Great Depression and recorded folk stories. Queen Latifah is widely known not just for her acting but for her music and recording career. The two look like they could be celebrity twins!

9. Former Vice President Breckinridge and Matthew Perry

Friends star, Matthew Perry looks just like 14th Vice President, James Breckinridge. They even have the same smirk!

10. Pope Gregory IX and Sylvester Stallone

Reddit user, Anthony Zonfrell, visited Vatican City and was surprised to see that Raphael had painted “Rocky” into one of his frescos! Actually,photopho it is a likeness of Pope Gregory IX, but the likeness is uncanny.

11. Nicholas Cage and 1870s Man

An 1870s photo of actor Nicholas Cage’s look-a-like went viral when antique dealer, Jack Mord listed it on Ebay for $1 million dollars. That’s one pricey photo of Niic cage’s historical twin! They may not both be famous celebrities, but they sure look like it.

12. King George V and Tsar Nicholas II

History buffs and fans of Netflix’s popular series The Crown would be familiar with Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George V. What some might not know is that the king was often confused with Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II. This one isn’t as random as you may think, however, the two were first cousins!

13. Famous Celebrities Steve Carell and Alice Cooper

Actor Steve Carell and Rocker Alice Cooper look like twins! They share the same infectious smile and twinkle in their eyes.

14. General Douglas Macarthur and Bruce Willis

The famous WW2 leader and actor Bruce Willis are competing on who has the most piercing stare! At a glance, Gen. Macarthur’s photo looks like it could be Willis in another one of his wartime roles.

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Featured image credit: Facebook/Twin Strangers