Puppies Rescued From Tragic Watery Death Just In Time

Six Puppies Rescued From A Potato Sack In A River

2 kayakers on the Blackstone River were shocked when they spotted a potato sack floating on the water. As they got closer they heard the faint sound of a whimper coming from inside.

These kind strangers opened the potato sack. A huge shock waiting inside — 6 newborn puppies! It’s hard to imagine someone doing something so cruel to these defenseless animals.

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Thankfully, the Good Samaritans rescued the dogs and took them to safety. Tragically, someone had tried to kill these innocent animals by drowning them in the river.

Thankfully, though, a guardian angel was looking out for these little pups. And every one of them survived. A local shelter is now caring for the litter and giving these precious babies the love and attention that they truly deserve.

Animal control officer Kevin Sullivan is nursing the tiny puppies back to health with a special formula for dogs and lots of probiotics to help their tiny tummies.

Local law enforcement is searching for the man they believe to be responsible for this horrific act. Police Chief Jeffrey Lourie had these powerful words to say about the discovery:

“It’s unconscionable. You can’t imagine going through my head as a police officer of 29 years, someone would take 6 fairly newborn puppies and discard them in a body of water.”

Six Puppies Rescued From A Potato Sack In A River

credit: youtube.com

I don’t know how anyone could want to hurt such precious tiny creatures. But, I am so glad God put these kayakers in the right place at the right time. And once these little guys are big and strong I just know they will find loving forever homes!

WATCH: 6 Puppies Rescued From Potato Sack In River

Credit: CBS Boston

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