Rock Star Bono Shares His Amazing Testimony

“I have no problem with miracles…I am one.”

Very few rock stars have this man’s story. He’s been out in front of a wildly popular rock band most of his career…his name is Paul David Hewson aka Bono. Lead singer to the Dublin band, U2. And it’s no surprise that his lyrics have matured over time to more appropriately reflect his Christian beliefs.

It’s truly remarkable to hear a rock star speak so openly and with such conviction about his beliefs. Beliefs in who Jesus Christ was and is. Beliefs in miracles…claiming his life IS one!

When asked about prayer, this was his response:

I pray to get to know the will of God, because then the prayers have more chance of coming true - I mean, that's the thing about prayer, isn't it? We don't do it in a very lofty way in our family. It's just a bunch of us on the bed, usually, we've a very big bed in our house. We pray with all our kids. We read the Scriptures, we pray. Sometimes if we go to church on Sunday, we'll go after church has ended, we'll go on our own as a family for peace and quiet. And we'll pray usually for people that we know who are struggling with something.

He openly and confidently shares his thoughts and faith on who Jesus Christ is and how He has changed his life. Bono is a walking new creation in Christ.

Below is an interview of Bono – take a moment to hear his words and to feel his love for the Lord:

Below is a music video from U2 singing “Magnificent” and it truly is!! Please take a moment and worship with us:

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