This 9-Year-Old Was Sick And Fell A Deadly 30 Feet. Then She Woke Up CURED In JESUS’ Lap!

Jesus Hold and Heals

Meet Annabel Beam. She is a walking, talking, smiling testimony that God is NOT dead and that miracles DO happen. Her story is so awesome and her description of heaven makes everyone want to hear and see more! Jesus’ love for this child is evident and very real. What a blessing!!

Annabel’s story starts back in December of 2011 when she was playing in her yard at her family’s home in Texas with her two sisters, Abigail and Adelynn. She was just 9 years old.

The girls were climbing a very large, hollow cottonwood tree when Annabel fell inside – head first. She continued to fall to the bottom, approximately 30 feet hitting her head several times on the way down.

Annabel’s mother, Christy, remembers the MRI scans did determine her head injuries were consistent with the fall.

But, it was in those days following the accident that were so much more interesting. Annabel began recalling her experience and shared with her family, “I went to heaven when I was in that tree. I sat in Jesus' lap.”

Annabel continued to share her interaction with Jesus, saying “how the gates of Heaven are made of gold, how Jesus told her it wasn't time.”

Annabel continued to share these religious visions she had experienced while in the tree – unconscious.

The miracle doesn’t end there. Annabel was born with a very difficult eating disorder that has been the reason for numerous hospital visits since 2008. Annabel was taking as many as (10) medications a day to counter this disorder limiting her food intake to a mostly liquid and bland diet.

Since this accident, she has been cured of this eating disorder! Her diet was once limited, but doctors have now released her to enjoy pizza and Happy Meals like every other child her age!! In addition, the doctors have also taken Annabel off nearly all of her medications.

Annabel’s doctors have not had a reason to see her for over a year. Praise God!!

Listen to Annabel herself share with us her experience. This is truly a BLESSED MESSAGE FROM GOD!

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