They Rescued An Abandoned Kitten, And Now She’s Just One Of The Pack

A Special Family

Little Rosie was found at just 3-weeks old in California — abandoned, malnourished and dying. At first, things weren’t looking good. But then the kind human who discovered her, Thoa, took the tiny kitten home and did something out of the ordinary to try to save her. She laid the fading kitten down with Lilo – her Siberian Husky.


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Sounds a little crazy, right? But hey – desperate times call for desperate measures. And what happened next is just amazing!

“Lilo never left Rosie’s side for hours. She cuddled her and comforted her until she was better and ready to finally drink from a bottle.”


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

And that was the beginning of an amazing, albeit it unlikely, relationship.


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

Lilo graciously accepted the role of surrogate mom, and from there on out, Rosie was Lilo’s girl. She went where Lilo went, did what Lilo did. And that included hanging out with the rest of the pack!


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

“When she saw Lilo and the dogs went outside to potty, she started doing the same,” Rosie’s human, Thoa, said. “When they were leashed to go on walks, Lilo wanted to be leashed and to come along too.”


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

With Lilo taking Rosie under her wing…er paw…it was no time before Lilo’s sister, Infinity, and brother, Miko, accepted this cuddly cat as one of their own. All 4 get along splendidly — eating together, drinking from the same bowl, playing together and even napping together.


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

In fact, Rosie’s owners say that she doesn’t see herself as a cat at all, but rather has taken on many traits of a Husky!


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

Thanks to her Husky upbringing, Rosie’s owner says she is “fearless” and loves going on hikes.


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

And unlike most cats, Rosie also has no fear of water.

“We go on a lot of road trips, and we recent took Rosie kayaking and paddle-boating with us,” Thoa said.


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

“She’s not afraid at all, and as long as Lilo is there, she knows everything is going to be OK.”


Credit: Instagram / lilothehusky

And this special bond just goes to show that love can break through any barrier!

See how Lilo tenderly mothered Rosie when the 2 first met!

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