Southerner Explains The Many Meanings Of Ya’ll

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Is "y'all" a word that is part of your vocabulary? I know it is a lot of folks' favorite Southern word.

The way you speak is a sure sign to tell where you came from. And if you are from the South, then you have got to be hip to Southern slang, especially the infamous word "y'all". The word "y'all" is used in so many different ways. But unless you are from the South, you would not know how it can be used. That's why there is this hilarious video!

So here are the many meanings of the word, "y'all". There's the traditional way to use y'all. That's when you are casually greeting a group of friends and want to address everyone at the same time. You can also use "all y'all" to express the same thing.

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Then there's the "y'all" that you would say when someone does something that you did not expect them to do. Oh, and we cannot forget the "y'all" that you say to your girlfriends when you spot a handsome guy. It is kinda' like the "y'all" that you say when you want your friends to see something shocking too.

Oh, and then there is the correctional way of saying, "y'all" partnered with a firm tone of voice. Like when the kiddos are in the backseat of the car bickering. As soon as you sternly say it, they are sure to stop. This is going to be my favorite one to use!

Now, if you are not from the South, take these tips from It's A Southern Thing and pull out your new Southern lingo!

WATCH: Saying The Favorite Southern Word “Y’all”

Credit: Youtube/It’s A Southern Thing

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