Southern Gospel Singers Perform Hauntingly Beautiful ‘Mary Did You Know’ In A Silo

Southern Gospel 'Mary Did You Know' Silo_GodUpdates

This Southern Gospel version of ‘Mary Did You Know’ is sung inside of a silo. And the result is simply stunning!

The southern gospel music group and family The McNeill’s are famous for the unique spin they put on popular Christian songs. The group consists of a huge Christian family consisting of 10 children! Not all of the children always sing, but sometimes they do.

In this video, only two children are present with their parents. The scene is set inside of an old silo. The father plays the keyboard while the mother signs along to the song. One of their sons takes center stage with the lead vocals while their other daughter sings in the background with dad.

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The family beautifully belts out the lyrics to the classic Christmas song ‘Mary Did You Know’. Singing the lyrics to this popular Christian song is such a great way to worship the Lord during the busyness of the Christmas season. The McNeills’ voices always blow everyone away and this time was no different.

The way they sang the chorus with so much emotion made this song that much more impactful. It’s amazing to think about what Mary was feeling when was pregnant with Jesus. Hearing the words to this song every year really puts what Christmas is all about into perspective.

Southern Gospel 'Mary Did You Know' Silo_GodUpdates


The holiday season is not just about gifts or desserts it’s about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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It’s amazing to be able to have people like the McNeills to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. By using their beautiful God-given singing voices, they are bringing people closer to Christ.

WATCH: Southern Gospel Group Sings ‘Mary Did You Know’

Credit: The McNeills