Smart Dog Sniffs out Danger from Sparking Outlet and Puts out the Fire

sparking outlet

When a smart dog noticed a sparking outlet in the garage of his home, the heroic pup jumped into action and saved the day!

The creatures who make up the furry and four-legged community are fascinating. Animals never seem to fail to surprise and mesmerize. A lot of the time, it's because of the laughs and free entertainment they provide. Cats and dogs have a knack for getting themselves into hilarious and inexplicable situations. Their hijinks and quirky personalities will keep you laughing most days.

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However, other times, dogs and cats will surprise you with their stunning amount of smarts and emotional intelligence. They can read and understand situations better than most people would like to admit. One eye-opening clip posted on social media perfectly demonstrates the intelligence some animals possess.

Dog Steps In To Stop Sparking Outlet

The short video begins with a dog sitting silently on a bench or a stool of some kind, looking in the direction of a parked motorized scooter. Moments into the video, something is terribly wrong, and we aren't the only ones who notice that something is definitely amiss.

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The outlet that the scooter is plugged into starts sparking. For a moment, the animal sits and takes in the sight, almost as if surveying the situation and trying to determine the best course of action.

Eventually, the brave dog approaches the sparking outlet and disconnects the device, preventing what could have been a potentially dangerous situation.

The dog risked being electrocuted as it bit on, tugged and pulled on the cords several times until it was successful.

As the short clip demonstrates, dogs are loving, loyal, extremely intelligent and brave. The animal could have been greatly injured. Thankfully, the dog did not appear to sustain any injuries because of its heroic deed.

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WATCH: Smart Pup Sniffs Out Danger Of Sparking Outlet

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