How Texting The Wrong Number Caused 2 Complete Strangers To Fall In Love

wrong text leads to marriage

A text sent to the wrong number resulted in two people falling in love, marrying and having six children together.

Love is a mysterious and often confounding thing. It's an emotion that has kept singers, songwriters and poets busy for hundreds of years, providing them with plenty of material. Love is something that can cause people to say and do things that they otherwise would not.

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However, love often begins in places where we least expect it. For one happily married couple, love sprang from an errant text.

In a video posted to YouTube, Brenda Rivera recounts how she sent a text intended for someone else to the man who would eventually become her husband. Brenda, who lived in Georgia, texted a Bible verse to a friend, or so she thought.

Instead of her friend's number, one of the digits was wrong and the text went to Isaiah Stearns, who lived in Ohio. But instead of simply ignoring the text, Isaiah responded.

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"My name's Isaiah Stearns. We've never met, but by the looks of your texts, I can see that you loved God. That's awesome," Isaiah's text read.

In the interview, Isaiah mentioned that his motivation for replying to the text was "Oh, this is another person that can help me in my walk with God."

Isaiah then worked up the courage and called the number that sent him the text, Brenda's number. Like most people, Brenda didn't answer the call from a number she didn't recognize, but she admitted she did listen to the voicemail.

"He just sounded very genuine, and he sounded kind of cute," Brenda said. "So, I was like, ‘You know what? I'm going to give him a callback."

A Wrong Text Has Led To a Long, Happy Marriage and Six Children

Brenda's call back led to them talking on the phone every day. However, Isaiah had to clear one big hurdle before meeting Brenda in person. He met Brenda's mom, who happened to also live in Ohio.

Brenda's mom had only good things to report to her daughter about Isaiah, giving him a very high ranking on her scale.

"Without hesitation, she said, '11. You're gonna marry this guy," Brenda said.

Brenda and Isaiah finally met in person soon after getting Brenda's mother's approval. Just three short months after their meeting, Isaiah popped the question.

"Yeah, there was no reason to waste time," Isaiah said. "We had a really deep connection, and I was like, ‘I need to step out in faith and do this."'

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After thirteen years of marriage and six children, the couple is still happy married and going strong!

Their love story is amazing. God was definitely at work. Isaiah got a new number and phone plan just 30 minutes before receiving that initial mistaken first text.

"Just how everything was orchestrated, we 100 percent believe that it was from God," Brenda said.

"So that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Then let not that which had been joined by God be parted by man."Matthew 19:6.

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