Candace Cameron Bure Confronts the Cancel Culture That Exists and What She Say Is Powerful

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Candace Cameron Bure is speaking out about the cancel culture that exists today. After becoming a target of this toxic way of thinking, Candace relied on God’s Word to see her through the adversity she faced. And what she has to say about this experience is powerful!

As a Christian celebrity, Candace Cameron Bure has never been shy about her faith. And in 2023, her traditional beliefs seemed to make her a target for the cancel culture.

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“If you read the news in certain types of weekly magazines or even Instagram, you’ll have seen my face pop up in multiple articles from last year and this year. And a lot of them are really negative,” she explained during an episode of the Candace Cameron Bure Podcast.

Though the actress doesn’t specifically address the content of these negative articles, she’s likely referring to the backlash she received for leaving Hallmark for the Great American Family Channel, where Candace said the programming would “keep traditional marriage at the core, Additionally, more drama for Candace Cameron Bure ensued when a former Fuller House castmember made allegations that Candace tried to get a gay character fired.

“Cancel culture is very real,” the Christian actress said during her Podcast. “And they were trying to cancel me.”

Candace Cameron Bure Speaks Out About The Cancel Culture

Candace is no stranger to pushback from Hollywood over her faith. But the cancel culture was something else entirely.

“I’ve never taken those types of punches before. I’ve taken punches before in my industry, but it was at a level I hadn’t experienced yet,” Candace explained. She went on to say, “I think because I believe strongly in what I believe and lead with my faith, and I’m not afraid or shy or afraid of it, I think that most people who don’t know me well and personally think that my skin is a lot thicker than it is. And it’s not… So, when I had a lot of these bullets kind of hit me in the last year or so, they’ve been a really big challenge — to me personally, to my heart, to my character, to my relationships, to my jobs — all kinds of things.”

In the heart of these trials, Candace received some words of wisdom from her brother, Kirk Cameron. He welcomed her to what he calls the “James 1 Club.” This was a reference to the Scripture in James 1 that mentions the blessings that await those who persevere when their faith is tested through trials.

Though the attacks on her person and her character hurt, James 1 helped Candace recognize that by publicly living her life for Jesus, “You have to be ready for some of those fiery darts to be thrown at you in a bigger public platform.”

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We’re glad to see Candace Cameron Bure isn’t backing down from her Christian beliefs even in the face of the cancel culture!

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