A Tulsa Enterprise Employee’s Kindness Goes Viral

Kindness Goes Viral!

These days, things go viral for so many reasons. But a photo that’s been shared over 25,000 times is going viral for all the right reasons. And it seems as if a simple act of kindness from one humble Tulsa Enterprise employee is inspiring the whole Internet!

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Credit: KJRH News Tulsa

To say Coty Vincent was having a rough day doesn’t quite cover it. The poor mom was the victim of a hit-and-run wreck. The worst part is that her twin boys were also in the car. Blessedly, they were all ok. But the accident left her shaken and without transportation.

She needed someone to help — someone who understood. So God sent her to John Goodlett!

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Credit: KJRH News Tulsa

John is a Tulsa Enterprise employee who’s big heart makes him perfect at his job. John also happens to be a twin himself. And so, when Coty came in trying to manage the business of getting a rental vehicle, all while holding both of her 11-month-old twin boys, he knew just what she needed — another hand!

Coty doesn’t have a double stroller, so the mom had no choice but to hold both of the boys herself. But not for long.

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John didn’t hesitate to reach over, and with mom’s permission, take little Eli into his arms.

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Credit: KJRH News Tulsa

He held the little boy the whole time while helping Coty get set up with a rental car. It may seem like such a small act, but to Coty, the kindness came at just the right moment, in just the right way.

“Him [sic] seeing that I was a twin mom in need of an extra set of hands, it definitely was a message from God,” she said.

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Credit: KJRH News Tulsa

And it wasn’t just Coty who was impressed. She posted a picture of John holding Eli to her Facebook page, along with a story of what had happened and the hashtag #BeAJohn.

In no time, the Internet applauded John’s thoughtful gesture, and his story had gone viral!

“I think that this world would be a better place if we all would just be a John,” Coty said. “And we have to be that change that we want to see. We want to see more people like John, well it starts with us.”

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With all of the Internet attention, Enterprise took note too. Inspired by John, the company was kind enough to purchase a double stroller for Coty!

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An Tulsa Enterprise employee prepares to give Coty a double stroller Credit: Tulsa World

But they also recognized John for his hard work. They surprised him with a donation to his favorite charity — the North Mabee Boys and Girls Club — along with a gift card for himself.

Of course, the humble young man can’t believe all of the attention. And he’s just hoping it will inspire others to be kind.

“To see it come out this far and still be making noise, and making waves, it’s something you’ve got to be grateful for and take as a blessing,” he said. “I say we take this and do the best we can to keep motivating people.”

It just goes to show you should never underestimate the power of kindness. No matter how small the act, it could be just what the other person needs in that moment to keep them going. Will you let God use you today?

“May the LORD now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.” 2 Samuel 2:6

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h/t: KJRH News Tulsa