Woman Rushed to Hospital with Back Pain Delivers Surprise Newborn

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When Trish Staine woke up in severe pain, she thought she might be dying. On the way to the emergency room, she fretted over all kinds of potential causes for her discomfort. But an unexpected birth never once crossed her mind!

Trish’s daughter Mira, short for Miracle, recently turned five. But more than just a miracle, she was a surprise, too. That’s because Trish had no idea she was pregnant until she wound up in the hospital giving birth!

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Trish Staine certainly never expected to be one of those women caught off-guard by labor. Like most of us, she questioned how someone could be completely oblivious of their own pregnancy right up to the point of delivery.

“I’ve always been skeptical of the women who said they didn’t know they were pregnant,” Trish confessed. “And oops, I had a baby. I thought that was impossible!”

But then it happened to her!

“And as soon as I had her, I was like, I’m a believer!” Trish exclaimed.

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Credit: ABC Eyewitness News

Sudden Pain Gets Surprising Diagnosis: Unexpected Birth

Trish and her husband John already had a large family. The Minnesota woman had 2 biological children, ages 7 and 11, plus 2 foster children. Then there were John’s 3 sons, ages 17, 19 and 20.

John even had a vasectomy, so the couple thought their child-bearing days were done. But God had a surprise miracle still to come!

As a runner, Trish was training for her next race — the annual Grandma’s Marathon. She never missed her cycle and didn’t have a “baby belly.” But the morning after a 10-mile training run, Trish woke up in pain. Excruciating pain.

"I was yelling and screaming — I thought I was dying," she said.

As an ambulance rushed her to the hospital, Trish dreamt up hundreds of possible explanations for the pain. Maybe a pulled muscle or pinched nerve? A ruptured disc? Could it be a burst appendix?

But once at the hospital, doctors gave Trish unbelievable news. Not only was she pregnant, but she was in labor!

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Trish gave birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing 6 pounds and 6 ounces.

“They think she was five weeks early,” she explained.

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Blindsided By An Unexpected Birth

Trish and John were stunned by the unexpected blessing. Instead of running the Grandma’s Marathon, Trish found herself tending to a newborn instead!

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So, the couple decided to name their surprise bundle of joy Miracle. Still, it took some time for the reality to set in.

“It took me awhile to believe she was there,” Trish says. “I was taking care of this little baby. I was still in shock for awhile, for a good six months at least!”

Once the surprise wore off, little Mira settled right in as the newest addition to her family.

Five years later, she’s doing great. She even shares a special bond with her mom.

“She really likes doing 5Ks with me,” Trish explained. “I think it’s part of her DNA, she’s been running since before she was born!”

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Credit: ABC Eyewitness News

Too often we forget just how unexpected life can be. I suppose that’s why Proverbs 27:1 warns against boasting about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. You never know what surprises God has in store!

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“Instead, you ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." James 4:15


h/t: ABC Eyewitness News

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