Pizza Hut Waitress Gets a 10,000 Dollar Tip When Family Decides to Use Personal Tragedy for Good

pizza hut waitress gets 10 000 dollar tip

In this true, inspirational short story, a Pizza Hut waitress gets a 10,000 dollar tip from one of her regular customers. And the random act of kindness meant so much!

While waiting tables, friendly servers like Jessica often get to know the customers who come in regularly. That was certainly the case for Jessica Osborne, a waitress at Pizza Hut who received an unbelievable blessing.

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And while regular customers often leave nice tips, no waitress would expect to get a 10,000 dollar tip. But that’s just what a customer named Becky did for Jessica!

Becky dined at Pizza Hut about once a week. And when she did, she always requested to sit in Jessica’s section.

“She was sweet and bright and cheerful and never complained,” Becky explained. “She was just a sweet waitress.”

In fact, Jessica Osborn even knew what kind of pizza Becky usually ordered — a Meatlovers pizza, half pepperoni, half black olives and mushrooms.

Overt time, Jessica shared more and more of her story with Becky and her family. The Pizza Hut waitress explained how she dreamed of becoming a photographer but had to drop out of college because she couldn’t afford it.

Jessica had no idea, but Becky had received a large settlement after losing her husband and oldest child in a car accident. And this is how the waitress ends up getting a 10,000 dollar tip!

Inspiring Kindness From Grieving Family

Not long after Jessica opened up about her struggles, the mourning family returned to the restaurant.

Becky and her children had something special to give Jessica — a check to help with her dream of going to college. And as Jessica opened the envelope, she couldn’t believe her eyes!

“When I opened it up, I just - I thought maybe I read too many zeros and I lost my breath,” she recalled.

Usually, if a waitress gets a 10,000 dollar tip, you’d expect it to come from some kind of millionaire. But this incredible act of kindness came from your average family, who wanted to use their personal tragedy to do something good for someone else.

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Even in the face of her own great tragedy, Becky wanted to help a relative stranger achieve her dreams through a special blessing. And what a beautiful reminder that it is better to give than to receive!

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