Young Men Run Around Town With Lawn Mowers For The Best Reason

Raising Men Lawn Care Mows Lawns For The Elderly

Rodney Smith Jr. was outside one day when he noticed an elderly man struggling as he cut his lawn. Rodney had a strong urge to help the man but it also made him realize that all over his town there were people like this man struggling.

Mowing the lawn seems like such a simple task but for many elderly or disabled homeowners, it is just physically too much. And many single parents simply don't have the time.So Rodney set out to help. He challenged himself to mow 40 lawns, but in only a month and a half, he was done with that goal. But Rodney knew he couldn't stop.

Raising Men Lawn Care Mows Lawns For The Elderly


He got the amazing idea to start Raising Men Lawn Care. The idea is to take young men and teach them the value of hard work and giving back to their community.

Many of the boys complain at about the heat or find it boring at first, but after 5 lawns they are hooked. The boys want to help. They want to load up mowers and head to homes of those who need a little extra help and be the light in their life that day. Seeing the joy in these young men's faces after a hard day of mowing lawns is inspiring. Just check out how excited these two young men are to have completed their 50th lawn!

What Rodney started is truly spectacular. The fact they do all this work for free truly makes a difference for so many. Just check out a few of the MANY thanks they have received.

One story, in particular, touched our hearts. This sweet 93-year-old was trying to mow her own lawn time and time again so her neighbors called Raising Men Lawn Care and they rushed in to help. Now she has a beautiful lawn and some new friends!

God bless these men for helping inspire the future, our kids, to give back and lend a helping hand! Who else was inspired by this story?

Watch Rodney story about why he mows lawn for the elderly!

Credit: Briggs&Stratton, Raising Men Lawn Care

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