103-Year-Old Confirms It, 2020 Is Weirdest Year Yet


103-year-old Stefina Rugal just confirmed it. 2020 is the craziest year yet. Stefina, better known as Stevie to her assisted living friends at Stillwater Senior Living, was asked about her secret to a long and happy life, and what it's like living in these uncertain times.

"I think that there were easier times than there is now. There's a lot of fighting and it seems like disagreements and stuff like that and I don’t like that. Everything is different and it's strange to me," Stevie said.

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Stevie has lived through two world wars, the Spanish flu, and now this global COVID-19 pandemic. And through all of this, she has learned quite a few valuable lessons.

Stevie recently had her 103rd birthday, celebrated by her friends at the facility in Illinois, including Sophia Fairman, the assistant director of the home. She made sure it was a birthday that Stevie would never forget! There was plenty of cake and smiles to share.

2020 Is A Very Strange Year According To 103-Year-Old Senior

Stevie shared her secret to a long life is taking care of herself, as well as spending time with her friends. She also added how important it is to just be kind to one another. "I just think of a lot of good things, not bad things, I like my friends and I like my boyfriends." After talking about boyfriends, the 103-year-old chuckled, and her positivity and good-natured attitude were contagious.

She added, "I don’t know, I like everybody. I’m not hateful." Some of Stevie's favorite things are looking at pictures of her late husband and talking with her son, Ronald Rugal.

Sophi shared, "She always talks about her husband. Mostly about how he looked. She keeps pictures of him when they were younger in her room. . . You can tell that she genuinely just has been happy and not just because of material things."

At Stillwater Senior Living, Stevie gets a lot of positive attention. Her infectious happy-go-lucky attitude and laugh are some of the most appreciated things about her.

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Stevie is also known for encouraging others to join the activities at the facility as well. If we all take Stefina's advice to heart, perhaps we can also live long and happy lives ourselves. . . even if we are living in the certified weirdest year ever.

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