Not Only Did He Graduate College At 12 Years Old, But Clovis Hung Earned 5 Degrees, Too

12-year-old graduates from college

One young man, Clovis Hung, who is not even old enough to drive, graduated from a college in California with a handful of degrees.

Obtaining a college diploma is a massive accomplishment for anyone and everyone, regardless of the field of study. Anyone who puts in the time, effort, late nights and early mornings that a college degree requires deserves a pat on the back. That degree is often the first step in what is, hopefully, a successful professional career.

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Like many across the country, Clovis Hung recently participated in a graduation ceremony and walked across the stage to accept his diploma. However, unlike most people, Clovis graduated from Fullerton College, a community college in California, at just 12 years old.

He earned five degrees, starting at the institution of higher learning at just 7 years old, according to KCAL News.

"I feel really proud of what I've accomplished so far," the young man said of his incredible achievement.

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At just 12 years old, Clovis is now the youngest person to ever graduate from the Southern California school. During his May 20 graduation ceremony, Clovis picked up associate degrees in History, Social Sciences, Social Behavior and Self-Development, Arts and Human Expression, and Science and Mathematics, according to Yahoo.

Additionally, the young man graduated with a near-perfect GPA. Clovis received a B in a history class, which dropped him to a 3.92. However, he admits the history class wasn't harder than other courses. Instead, he puts the blame for his B grade on the instructor.

"The professor was a little bit, I would say, uncooperative," Clovis said.

The 12-Year-Old Has Big Plans For His Future

But just because Clovis graduated from Fullerton College that doesn't mean he'll never return to campus. In fact, the 12-year-old college graduate plans to return to the community college for one more year.

According to Yahoo, he wants to pick up yet another associate degree. This one will be in autonomous systems development. After obtaining what would be his sixth degree, Clovis is off to either Stanford or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As for what he hopes to do after school, Clovis, who does not lack confidence in himself, wants to head into space and possibly go to Mars.

The college graduate also hopes to meet the chief executive officer of Tesla someday.

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"In the future, I would like to either discover something new or meet famous people, like Elon Musk," Clovis said. "I'm a very smart kid and he’s a very smart person. So, smart people talk to smart people."

"Wisdom keeps a man from danger even as money does; but the value of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to its owner." Ecclesiastes 7:12

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