College Student Sobs At Graduation Because His Parents Are A No-Show

college student sobs graduation jeric rivas

A heartbroken college student sobs on his graduation day, but they aren’t happy tears. Sadly, the parents of Jeric Rivas have a habit of letting him down at important events like these. But God made sure he wasn’t completely alone on his big day!

Sometimes our biological family is a letdown. That’s certainly how Jeric Rivas from the Philippines feels.

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On social media, the young man opened up about how his parents had never really been there for him through the “big” moments in life.

College Student Sobs At Graduation

Jeric has always been a dedicated, hardworking student. But whenever he earned awards and accolades in school, his family was never there to support him.

Jeric recalled a time in elementary school where he received a medal for earning top honors in his class. At the ceremony, a family member was supposed to present Jeric with the medal. But no one showed up. So, Jeric never even bothered to go up on stage and accept his award.

At another ceremony in high school, he got one of his friends to send their parents up with him.

Even though he didn’t have much support, Jeric was determined to work hard and better his life. So, he made the decision to move away from his hometown to earn a Bachelor degree in the Science of Criminology.

Jeric put himself through school. He worked as a factory worker, a fast-food employee and even cleaned houses to pay for his own tuition at a prestigious school.

Finally, his graduation day came. And Jeric wanted nothing more than for his family to be there to see him get his diploma. But like so many other times, no one showed up. And seeing all of his classmates surrounded by family hit him hard.

"I just felt that my tears were dripping, I just sat on the side," he wrote on social media. "I feel jealous."

But as the heartbroken college student sobs on the side of the stage, God sent him support in a different way.

Professor Steps In During Graduation

Jeric Rivas’ teachers noticed how hard he worked. They also noticed he didn’t seem to have any family support.

And so, as the college student sobs at the graduation, one professor in particular already had a plan.

When Jeric Rivas walked out on stage, he expected to be alone. But one of his professors met him there and gave him a big hug.

As Jeric accepted his diplomas, he had the support of his teachers. And fellow students even told him how proud they were of him. While his parents may not have been there, Jeric definitely wasn’t alone!

On social media, Jeric thanked all who supported him. He even thanked his parents even though he felt they didn’t accept him. And messages of support from complete strangers all around the world flooded his post.

Jeric Rivas noted he is the first to graduate in his family. And while it is such a shame his parents aren’t cheering him on, this young man still holds his head high.

God showed him that day that we can draw inspiration and support from other areas when our loved ones let us down. Where we are lacking, He will provide.

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So, for all who are feeling lonely and left behind out there, just remember your Heavenly Father is always with you!

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