13-Year-Old Saved 17 Lives With An Air Mattress

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A 13-year-old boy braved the Hurricane Harvey floodwaters to help save people from drowning. Young Virgil risked his own safety to help others. He is a true hero.

During the hurricane, Virgil helped his family get to safety from their one-story home to an upstairs apartment that was in their neighborhood. As the waters were rising, Virgil's friend called him and said that he needed help. His friend, Keshaun could not swim so Virgil knew that he was just the person to help.

Virgil did not hesitate to save Keshaun. At two o’clock in the morning, he swam with an air mattress through his flooded neighborhood. He made it down the block to where Keshaun lived and was able to rescue him. With his friend on the air mattress, he swam back to the upstairs apartment where everyone was safe.

As soon as he got there, he heard screams coming from another apartment nearby. He swam and found a lady in a wheelchair. He helped her, and her dog get on the air mattress and swam them to safety too. Virgil did not even think about what could have been in the water. The young hero was not afraid at all.

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As the night when on, Virgil swam from house to house with his air mattress helping others get to safety. He was courageous and made sure he tried to save anyone he heard screaming. Virgil saves 17 people that day and it was all over the news.

Word got out to his school and his football team. They awarded him with to help with school and a donation was given in his name to a charity that helps those who were affected by the hurricane.

WATCH: 13-Year-Old Boy Braved the Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters

Credit: Youtube/Soul Pancake

Source: Youtube/Soul Pancake

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