19 Things You Didn’t Know About HGTV’s Chip And Joanna Gaines

19 Fun Facts About Chip And Joanna Gaines

Here are (19) fun facts about America’s cutest HGTV home renovation / decorating couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines. As if it’s even possible…now I love them even MORE!



Chip and Joanna Gaines give so much of themselves to each other, their children and to their fans. They are true believers of God and it shows in how they live life to the fullest and adore each other more every day.

Here are (19) reasons to love them even more:

1) They both attended Baylor University but did not meet there. It was years later that they would meet in a truly amazing way. (keep reading)


Jeff Balke/Flickr Creative Commons

2) Chip frequented a tire / auto repair shop and saw a picture of Joanna with her family (who owned the business) behind the counter and he knew “She was the one!”


joannagaines / instagram

3) Chip visited the shop to have his brakes repaired and Joanna was working behind the counter that day. That’s all it took! (she fell for his sense of humor, per Chip)


joannagaines / instagram

4) Joanna owned her own business, Magnolia Market, before it all began. Now the couple have added Magnolia Realty and Magnolia Homes to their family business.


joannagaines / instagram

5) Chip ‘flipped’ his first house while still attending Baylor University. Per Joanna, “Once I caught on to the concept of buying something that is undervalued to then put value into it and sell it for a profit, I was hooked, too.”


Courtesy of HGTV

6) After getting married, this cute couple bought their first ‘fixer-upper.’ And Chip shared on Twitter: “The Magnolia Mom has become quite the diva in season 3.. No mud allowed on her pretty toes!”


Chip Gaines / Twitter

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7) “Home is my happy place,” Joanna said. As she shares on Instagram – they have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys named Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie).


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

8) Joanna’s favorite place in their 100-year-old farmhouse, is her kitchen.


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

9) Chip’s favorite room is the boys’ bedrooms. Very industrial and perfect for their next ADVENTURE (as the sign on the wall says).



10) 4 kids + over 60 animals on their 40-acre farm. WOW!!



11) But, the goats are Joanna’s favorite. *after her family 🙂


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

12) HGTV approached the couple after seeing photos of a house they ‘flipped.’ And the rest, as they say, is history!


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

13) Joanna believes in ‘sticking’ to your budget even when shopping flea markets.


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

14) They may be TV stars BUT they don’t have a TV in their home. They go to a friends house once a week for ‘watch parties.’ Their kids have seen a few episodes of their show, but “weren’t all that impressed.” LOL


Courtesy of HGTV

15) But the kids do have a sweet treehouse on the family farm.


Joanna Gaines / Instagram


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

16) Being on TV was a dream of Joanna’s.


Courtesy of HGTV

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17) Chip dreamed of being a baseball player or even a politician. But as he grew older, he came to appreciate (and preferred) manual labor.


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

18) Even when the cameras stop rolling, these two finish the job they started. *When that happens, the couple uses a different budge from Fixer Upper and complete rooms that might not have been the priority.


Joanna Gaines / Instagram

19) Unbeknownst to the viewers, there are children and animals around during filming more often than you might think.

chip and joanna gaines

Joanna Gaines / Instagram

“You’d never know it but sometimes there’s a kid between our legs when we are filming,” per Joanna / Instagram.

chip and joanna gaines

Joanna Gaines / Instagram

Now, learn the secret to Chip and Joanna’s success!


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