Joanna Gaines Decorates For Christmas And It’s Breathtaking

We all know Jesus is the reason for the season. And decorating is one of the fun ways many of us like to celebrate the birth of our dear Savior. That’s certainly the case for Chip and Joanna Gaines. The talented duo decked Magnolia Market out with Chip and Joanna Gaines Christmas decorations. And the breathtaking transformation is just the dose of holiday inspiration I needed!

With Joanna Gaines’ talented eye for design, you can tell she’s truly in her element as she and the Magnolia Market staff work together to revamp the store into a Winter Wonderland.

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But part of what sets Chip and Joanna Gaines Christmas decorations apart from other holiday themes is their genuine approach. It’s not about the latest holiday trends, but rather about nostalgia and timeless traditions.

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"I'm not looking for ways to reinvent this season,” Joanna Gaines says.

After sharing her Christmas vision with the talented team of “Magnolia Market Elves,” Joanna and Chip marvel at what they manage to pull off.

“Today is the day I get to see these sketches come to life,” Joanna excitedly reported.

And certainly, the whole Magnolia Market crew outdid themselves. Of course, Chip has to jump in with a few suggestions of his own and manages to provide some comic relief as he inadvertently sprays the cameraman with a wood sealant!

But when all is said and done, the Magnolia Market transformation is truly stunning.

Gaines Family Christmas Decorations

Joanna’s nostalgic theme carries over into her Christmas decorating at home. You might expect a design expert like to Joanna to come up with a new “theme” each year. But she prefers to stick with the family’s traditions.

"I want to decorate our tree with our same ornaments that we ooh and ahh over each year," Joanna explained in the winter issue of Magnolia Journal. "Our tree could never be complete without the kids' handmade offerings. And while the Popsicle-stick picture frames have cracked over the years, and the photos within them have faded-it only makes me love them all the more."

And it’s not just the decorations. Joanna admits she fixes the same cinnamon rolls Christmas morning that she’s baked “for as long as I can remember."

"We count down the days, just to experience it nearly exactly as we always have," she writes. "It is so comfortable, familiar and perfectly nostalgic that, frankly, we have no desire to improve upon it at all."

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In a world so quick to throw out the “old” for the “new,” the Gaines’ traditional Christmas Spirit is so inspiring. Of course, there will be one new addition to the Gaines Christmas celebration this year… baby Crew!

What kinds of traditions does your family honor each year?

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