2 Kids Pray For Their Policeman Daddy

Powerful Photo Of 2 Kids Praying For Police

We are told to pray without ceasing for a very good reason — there is real power in prayer. And the photo below, showing two kids praying for their police officer daddy, certainly captures that sentiment!

godupdates photo of kids praying for police officer dad fb

Credit: Facebook / IMPD News

The Powerful Photo Goes Viral

The picture has gone crazy viral since the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department posted it to their Facebook page. One of the officer’s wives snapped the photo when she found her kids praying in front of their father’s patrol car. The sweet children were asking God to provide protection, not just for their daddy, but for police officers everywhere.

To date, this poignant photo has been shared more than 7,500 times with just as many likes. Law enforcement has always been a field that carries increased risk, but the current climate surrounding police officers is especially terrifying.

“I’ve never seen in 30 years the level of violence towards officers and the amount of people that have condoned violence towards officers,” said IMPD Police Chief Troy Riggs.

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Responding With Love

Satan is very much at work in this world, seeking to create division and animosity. But sincere and heartfelt prayer, just like in the picture of these kids praying for their dad and his colleagues, is just what we need to combat the devil’s work!

“As a police officer in Indianapolis, it does send a message of hope and a reminder of the attitude that the majority of citizens have for us, which is a supportive one,” said IMPD spokesperson, Patrolman Jim Gillespie.

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And it’s true. Though the news often highlights the violence, there are many examples of compassion and support out there. In fact, a similar photo to this one from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office went viral not long ago. In it, an officer was photographed praying with his children before heading out into the field.

godupdates photo of kids praying for police officer dad 1

Credit: Facebook / Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office

And one 6-year-old little boy recently got a lot of attention when he stepped out on faith and asked to pray for a table of police officers when out to eat with his mom!

godupdates 6-year-old boy praying for police at bob evans fb

Credit: Facebook / Kelly Garza

There is enough hate in this world, so let’s pour out love. Let’s start by taking a lesson from these sweet angels and PRAY!

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

You’ve got to see what this table of police officers did when a couple refused to be seated next to them!

godupdates couple refused to sit by cops at diner_fb


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