3 Christmas Ads That Bring The Tears Every Year

Every year companies work tirelessly to bring people Christmas messages that will stick in their mind. Often they are fun and festive with lots of parties and presents. But every now and again they bring out messages that remind us that Christmas is about kindness and being together. These 3 Christmas ads never fail to bring us to tears with their powerful messages.

#3 The Man On The Moon

This big-hearted little girl saw the man on the moon and realized how lonely he must be and she decided to send him a present. And oh my stars prepare yourself because this ad from John Lewis will have you in tears. This is what the holidays are about, spreading love to those who need it most!

#2 A Grandfather’s Desperate Act

Year after year this grandpa sat alone at Christmas with excuses from his family. He realized that they had lost the true spirit and meaning of Christmas and he needed to do something. When you see how he finally got his family together it’ll break your heart. What a powerful reminder, please don’t forget the older members of your family this Christmas season! Oh and grab your tissues for this EDEKA ad!

#1 A Widower’s Big Surprise

Christmas is a time of love and family so when a beloved family member is no longer with us Christmas can be hard. That’s exactly why this family in the Lidl Christmas ad rallied together to plan a beautiful surprise for their widowed father. Watching as they restored and decorated the family home to get it ready for Christmas was magical. And seeing the joy it brought this grieving husband put a smile in my heart and a tear in my eye. What a beautiful reminder to spread a little extra love to those grieving this Christmas season!

They may just be Christmas commercials but they truly remind us to focus on the important things during Christmas, like family.

Credit: Youtube

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